We continue spotlighting some amazing bloggers in our orbit. I sat down with OBL admin and blogger/dog fanatic Nicole Hunter.

Nicole founded and currently runs her blog, Blackgirlgaming.com, gaining more and more traction as time progresses. We get into some deep conversation about Nicole and her life.

Me: Tell me a little about yourself and how you got to where you are.

Nicole: My journey begins in my grandma’s house in Chicago, my hometown, watching my older cousin play Pokemon Blue 20 years ago. There was something about his depth of knowledge and the concept of the game, itself that captured my attention. From that moment on, I became obsessed with games. I used to go into the Blockbuster before I had any consoles and when I had the option of renting a movie or buying a guidebook for a game I’d probably never own, I always got the guidebook because I wanted to pretend like I owned the game.

Me: At which point did you start taking gaming to the next level?

Nicole: As I got older, I got my hands on a Playstation 2 and the rest was history. I started writing when I was 12 and I went to college and studied poetry and Black literature, graduated and lost all of my motivation to write. Then one night in April, 2017, I woke up with the wild idea that I should have a video game blog and that’s what got me to start my blog, Blackgirlgaming.com. One year later, I am still doing that, I’ve contributed to multiple online publications, given public talks, and been interviewed for a podcast. I’m just focusing on how to grow as a content creator now.

Me: Solid! So what are you currently working on?

Nicole: Being a content creator is a practice in spinning plates and I’m a pretty good example of that. Currently,, I have several ventures. The first, obviously, is Black Girl Gaming, I run a Discord Community called 8-Bit Black, I work for this great company called Blogger University, and around three other things that are still too early for me to mention.

Me: It seems you have it figured out for yourself! What’s next for your career?

Nicole: I have a couple of goals. Personally, I want to get my blog to the point where it can support itself. Secondly, more widely, my goal with my blog has always been to make the gaming community a more welcoming place. Everything I do, I try to incorporate this core value. I also want people to understand people who play games better. I feel as though video games are still slightly misunderstood by most people and yet, the industry is getting huge.

Me: Great observation. I love how passionate you are about your craft. I am so excited to see where you’ll go from here.

Nicole: Thank you and thanks for your time!

If you want to find out more about Nicole and her projects you can visit blackgirlgaming.com for more info.


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