The Edifier W828NB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are excellent wireless headphones for day-to-day use. The sound quality is great, they have a long battery life, and are incredibly comfortable even in long listening sessions. 

If you’re interested, be ready to spend $89.99 as well as some time with the manual to get acclimated to its less than elegant button designs.

Sound Quality

The sound of the W828NBs is terrific. The bass levels are robust, and yet regardless of what you listen to the clarity is near perfect. The volume range is also so wide I don’t know how anyone would need its quietest setting, while those hard of hearing will most likely find it’s higher volume range accommodating as well.

The W828NBs also come with an Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature. While this is a welcome addition, it’s far from perfect. The design of the headphones already muffle outside audio plenty, leading to the ANC being fairly redundant. 

While the ANC is functional, there’s a strange and uncomfortable feeling it produces in my ears; it feels like pressure on the eardrums and takes too long to feel comfortable for it to be recommendable as your default setting. 

Button Layout and Design

Both the Bluetooth synchronization and battery charging are intuitive. However, the button layout and functionality leave a bit to be desired. The buttons themselves have a nice click to them and feel good, but because all of the controls are right next to each other on a device where you can’t see them, it’s easy to have to guess which button you’re pressing.

On top of this, sometimes you really have to squeeze to make sure your input is registered; something that wouldn’t be an issue if a long press wasn’t its own, separate input as well. This can lead to skipping to the next song when you’re just trying to increase the volume. Thankfully, this is an infrequent issue.

Appearance and Portability

The travel pouch is the saving grace of the W828NBs’ portability.

The overall aesthetic of the W828NBs is a treat; it’s a simple, sleek design that’s supported by the sturdy feel of the hardware. I particularly enjoy the metal finish on the ear cups as well as the satisfying click of the extending headband.

The ear cups can collapse nicely into the band and put into the included cloth pouch for storage or travel. The pouch feels necessary for portability, as without that there’s no truly secure way to pack the headphones.


The Edifier W828NBs are a great option for those looking for high-quality wireless Bluetooth headphones. The sound and comfort alone make these worth the price, and if you’re looking for noise-cancelling headphones too, the ANC is the icing on the cake.


If you’d like to see for yourself, you can read more about the W828NBs on Edifier’s website here.