Often blogging is a solitary activity. We create our blogs alone, we write content alone, and there’s isn’t always the opportunity to get out and meet people for many of us. But any successful blogger knows, you can’t be at your best without the support of other people in your profession. And that’s where Our Blogging Life (OBL) comes in.

Our Mission

OBL is a resource hub and networking space for bloggers looking to connect with other bloggers at any and every level of development. Through our blog and forum, we seek to connect bloggers to a wider audience and forge professional relationships. OBL is about making blogging a little less lonely.

Who are We?

William Potter

William Potter is a master of blogging, social media marketing, SEO and PPC. As the manager of Harvard Oaks Enterprises and WebAdmetrics, he has built businesses generating significant revenues. Potter has more than a decade of experience in establishing, advising and promoting successful small businesses. He is dedicated to assisting individuals and new start-ups. Potter runs the popular “The Job Guy” Twitter feed with more than 100,000 followers. He has been interviewed and featured on Fox News, in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s, and on radio WLAK and WBUS. In 2015, Potter presented to Post-Doctoral Students in the Humanities Without Walls Program.

Nicole Hunter

Nicole is the writer and founder of blackgirlgaming.com and the head of the Discord-based community, 8-Bit Black. Since she founded her blog in 2017, she is


written for several video game websites, become the social media manager of a small business, among other business ventures. She is determined to create incredible content and help others do the same.

Zachary Aldana

Zachary is a graduating senior from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in music with a specification in classical voice. He’s a solo artist with performances onNBC and on Kelly Clarkson’s 2015 Piece by Piece Tour at the Allstate Arena. He is experienced in all things website design. He runs the site zacharyaldana.com.