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Q: Why’d did you start blogging?

A: My reason for blogging is because I’m a creative introvert, more specifically, a creative introvert advocate which means I like to help People. For me creative writing was a way to tap into creative reservoirs to explore my innate introvertedness and my desire to help people. I got my start in writing by writing poetry and experimenting with song lyrics then shifted to short stories when I entered college. I really started to put myself out there with my writing in 2017 when I started a blog (which is now defunt) then the Aquarius Ink Project was born in October of last year. It was conceived because I wanted to create a new platform and rebrand myself, creating a website to help people.

Joshua Kamara
James Kamara – writer, humanitarian, introvert, intellectual, philosopher, and he loves to help people.

Q: What are your current projects?

A: Currently I am putting the finishing touches on my first book. The release dates have kept getting postponed but it will hopefully be released in August or September of next year. It is a step by step manual for young adults to overcome and master the basics of public speaking. I purposely wrote it as a step by step manual because I used to suffer from stage fright and was terrible at public speaking, but that all changed in college when a professor helped me and I was able to craft my voice as a speaker. I did a presentation on the top ten points for oratory excellence, which was later converted to a blog post and got a lot of positive feedback. Then I said “hey, I think I have a book here.” It was already outlined, took a series of changes and I really started writing it July 4th of 2017. The book isn’t entirely about public speaking but a well conceived strategy about addressing weaknesses… it’s part strategy, part counseling and part self-help. I just did my best to make my book stand out and be honest to offer advice and experiences to young people. Another project in my pipeline is to fine other though leaders to work and partner with to support my mission and goals, as I believe in forming and drawing from a multidimensional think tank vs one mine (me).

Q: What are the effects blogging has had on you?

A: It has made me look at myself a lot differently. I’ve learned a lot about myself which was something I had read about on another individuals platform. He talks about how the work he does isn’t just about teaching people but also learning for himself. That one thing that writing has done for me, not just building my grammar or style sills, but effecting my thought process and really getting in touch with my thoughts and feelings. It has given me the opportunity to be brave. On my first blog, I didn’t offer a photograph of myself and instead had a picture of my dog… anonymity was really important to me. I soon realized that to get people to buy into my writing they would have to know the content was coming from a real person to form a connection. Blogging and writing has just enhanced the knowledge I have of myself and heightened my self awareness.

Q: What are your goals for your blog?

A: My mission with the Aquarius Ink Project is to help introverts better their communication, relationship and creative thinking skills. Those are all important to me and the areas I’ve decided to hone in on… especially communication because without communication we’ve got nothing. Essentially I just want to empower introverts.

Q: What is your ultimate goal with blogging?

A: I want to make this my actual career. One of the reasons I turned to writing was I really wanted to build something for myself and do something I really enjoy. I realized through trial and error of trying to get a new job, do I want to just get another job or career just for the money? What do I really enjoy doing? And I always knew I was an introvert but I didn’t always know I was an introvert advocate. If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t have gotten my MBA but rather a degree in counseling. It’s my desire to help people and bring out the best in them. At this point in my life I don’t see myself going back to school so the Aquarius Ink Project is my way of fulfilling my dream and what I believe could be my destiny. I understand that success and growth of a brand is a marathon not a spring so I just want to build awareness and buzz and hear people say “hey I like your work.”

Q: What would be your advice to other bloggers?

A: Try to understand your market. You need to have a really good understanding of your mission, your goals and your values as well as the people you want to attract. If you market to everyone your really marketing to none and in this current age it has become increasingly difficult to market and reach people. There are so many sites that it’s just an open door and anyone can start blogging so it has become really hard to stand out. When I first started my website went through many changes before becoming what it is today. I knew I needed to have an authorship brand, a website and a plan as to the market I wanted to target. However, I didn’t fall my own advice and put the cart before the horse and wanted to finish my book before building my brand. It wasn’t working so I reached out to advisors to get feedback and consultations. My content was lacking transparency and everything was vague. I quickly realized that if I don’t know who my audience is then i’m SOL. Sometimes you may think your demographic is one thing but overtime your value proposition may change and the universe may guide you to make an iteration or pivot. Another piece of advice I have is to always do your due diligence. Everything is not going to work out as planned because we have to, we always have to take detours but when I’ve done my due diligence I can hold my head up high. In order to do this you have to have a strong sense of self and confidence. Lastly, just always do your best and don’t look for immediate results. Consistently assess yourself and see where you are and how far you’ve come and assess any changes you need to make. It’s like Einstein’s definition of insanity that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result. Always work hard and stay at it, but make changes when necessary… and set benchmark goals.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say?

A: I am an Aquarius… and for a long time I didn’t believe in astrology or signs and I thought it was all BS…. then I started really looking at my sign to see who I was as a person. According to some astrologers the aquarian is a humanitarian, shy and creative… I read that was like…that’s me. I wanted that to be noticeable when people look at the Aquarius Ink Project. Those virtues are inherent in the name of my authorship brand. There really is a meaning to it and I want people to know that about me..”Joshua is an aquarian, he is a writer, humanitarian, introvert, intellectual, philosopher, and he loves to help people.” That’s what I want people to know about me.

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