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What Could Happen If Fire Occurs In Your Company


If you are running a small business or on a large scale, we don’t know what would be happened tomorrow or even next minute. So, we have to came up with a solid plan that covers those damages or losses that caused by fire or by any other natural disaster. Insurance is the one of the best way that covers those damages that caused by a fire. For example, if you are running a candle production company then you need candle insurance in order to secure your business form several damages or losses.

Statistics show that the number of fires in Russia is tens of thousands annually. In case of fires, property of homeowners suffers, people die and get injured, direct material losses grow. Unfortunately, today many private home owners do not pay enough attention to the services provided by insurance companies, although the largest number of fires occurs in houses and apartments. Perhaps one of the reasons is the elementary lack of information about this insurance service. Let's take a look at the basics of property insurance.


Which things can be insured?

Private houses and suburban property (summer cottages, garden houses) are the first number in the list of risky objects suffering from fire. You can insure the whole house, including all its contents, or partially - our company will offer you several different service packages to choose from.

In the insurance contract you can “fix”: structural elements (floor, ceiling, walls); interior decoration, including all types of plastering and painting works, wall decoration with other materials; doors and windows; built-in furniture, etc.; plumbing, electrical wiring, heating system, sewerage, addition to the consequences of fires, property can be insured against anything: theft and illegal actions, explosions, accidents of sewage, heating, water supply networks, floods, various natural disasters, etc.


How to insure?

To conclude a contract, you do not need to call a representative of the insurance company to your house - but it is better to spend extra time, because otherwise you will receive more expensive insurance that does not take into account the intricacies of your personal situation, a restriction on the choice of the amount of payment and a minimum set of risks (insurers also try not to risk so as not to accidentally contact scammers). Be accurate in the inventory of your property by the agent - include all the small details.

Ultimately, you yourself determine the amount of the insurance payment - if you want to receive full compensation for any damage, it is recommended to set the amount in the amount of the real price of the house, although you can insure for the partial value of the property - however, how much percentage of the real value you insure is percent of the damage will be paid to you.Payment of compensation is made within 3-15 days after receiving all the necessary documents, establishing the reasons, the number of losses and recognizing the case as insured.

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