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September 15, 2018 10:41 am  

Hey, my name is Sarah! I am a recent college grad from the Boston area who recently moved to Chicago. Since I was 6, I have been writing in some form, whether it is about trick or treating with my dog, inserting myself in the Harry Potter universe, or writing a 77-page thesis on Communist Czechoslovakia.

I started blogging at the request of my mother while studying in Prague. Prague was amazing. And I got to visit places such as Budapest, Croatia, Berlin, and London- to name a few! The next summer, I worked in the south of France teaching angsty French teenagers English.

Like everything I do, I always find a way to laugh at myself, and that is kind of what my blog turned into. I also pride myself in my Instagram account, full of fantastic witty sayings and more ways to laugh at myself. 

I am hoping to bring my ability to tell stories to the digital world. Social media gives us the ability to connect with people around the world. I hope to use my skills to bring out the good in people- to share connections and warmth, to bring about change and shared knowledge instead of FOMO, miscommunication, and contempt. 

Feel free to ask questions or hit me up with a cool comment and/or fun fact about yourself.


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