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September 19, 2018 12:17 am  

Hey everyone! My name is Esmeralda Torres (Esme)I am from Eureka, California and  I am a current sophomore at Concordia University in River Forest,IL. I’m a business management major with a minor in Excercie Science and Fitness Managmenet. I’m very involved on campus. I’m the Vice President of our Enterprise group, I’m on the Women’s Soccer team, I’m an active member of the Soccer team leadership Council, And Apart of the Student Athlete Advisory Comitee. 

Back home my family owns two businesses they’re restaurants. One is a Mexican Resfurant (Esmeralda’s Mexican Food) and the other we just recently opened (Dulce Bistro) why I’m mentioning this is because I’ve always been around business whether I wanted to be Involed or not and I can say I’m fortunate enough to have been around this type of eneovirment that has built many skills for me such as public speaking, customer service, negotiating, Social Media, News, and Voice and Video Recording. One of the main reasons I decided to take the leap across the country to Chicago is because I saw it as a gateway of opportunitiy to compete academically and athletically, but really as a way to get to know another city and meet new people, create new relationships, bonds, opportunities. Networking is a big thing is this day age. Chicago is a place that has really grown on me and I only hope to find more oppurhnties and for more oppurunties to reach me. 



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October 1, 2018 7:42 pm  

Nice to meet you esme!! You have many opportunities then it seems! Especially now I  Chicago, a growing and bustling city full of to-dos. 

I am from the city as well, so I can relate to your love for it. Cheers and good luck hun!


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