Being in charge of your own blog presents a lot of perks one of the huge ones is the amount of freedom we have. We work for ourselves and there are no external forces coaxing us to take care of our business. It can be easy to throw caution to the wind and work without any concrete schedule. But this is setting you up for disaster. Bloggers still need a proper, structured workflow in order to be successful. Here’s why.

Regularity and Reliability

Many of us engage in many weekly or even daily rituals. We watch the newest episode in our favorite show, we go to happy hour, or the weekly special at the local dive. These rituals are possible because we know when it will happen and that it will happen. One of the most powerful things you can do for your blog is establishing a regular content schedule and sticking to it.

People will actually make a concerted effort to seek out your new content if they know it’s gonna be there.

There are many ways of driving foot traffic to your blog but none are more powerful than when you’re able to foster a fanbase. Fans are the bread and butter of any blog. These are the people who like your content and consume it whenever possible. The easier you make your work available to them, the better they can support your work. Here is where a content schedule comes in.

If you post new articles every monday at 6:00AM, before long, you will have readers checking your blog, every monday for new content, without you asking them to. You begin to build a trust between reader and creator that you’ll give them quality content if they check your blog when you committed to updating it. This is the most reliable way of maintaining your readership. And it doesn’t cost you anything.

Work Life Balance

If you let it, blogging is a profession that will invade your entire life. Because there is no finish line, every moment of your day could technically be spent doing something for the blog. You could be writing, promoting, revamping constantly but that’s no way to live and you will burn out.

Tame the beast by scheduling specific time to work on your blog but also schedule breaks. It can be hard to relax when you think about the sheer amount of things you could be doing but it is necessary to tend to the other aspects of your life be that laundry or a lover. You might find you also work more efficiently. Try it out and see what happens.

Scheduling Your Time Improves Your Productivity

One hour of dedicated working time is more valuable than five unfocused ones. Though it can sometime seem like long periods of time spent working are a good thing, consider this, how many of those minutes were you actually working hard?

Want to work more effectively? Leave your phone somewhere else.

We live in the day of distraction. Any time we spend in front of a computer gives us access to millions of ways to procrastinate and that’s exactly what you are likely to do if you don’t approach the work with strong intentionality. A schedule helps you do just that.

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