Blogging on Social Media for Money  


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11/09/2018 5:57 pm  

As a young entrepreneur who has experience launching a start-up apparel company, I find the idea of making money via blogging extremely removed link Additionally, it is a realm of the online community hat I feel will only continue to grow and gain monetary removed link As it pertains to the lifestyle apparel company that my brother and I co-launched, ( removed link ), I used blogging to grow a brand following, and ultimately drive potential customers to our removed link However, the form of blogging that I have experience in is on a medium that may not seem like a traditional blogging platform; removed link Via the use of continual and planned photos accompanied with a small write-up and/or description of the said picture, our company Instagram account, @ruggedretriever, acted as a lifestyle blog that to date has over 8,500 removed link  

In a similar fashion, Instagram is filled with countless users who have tens of thousands, sometimes even millions of loyal removed link Many of these accounts are lifestyle blogs if you will, ranging from categories such as food, travel or removed link Since these accounts have a large amount of followers that are highly interactive on their page, social media accounts with large, loyal followers have enormous value for brand removed link For instance, since Rugged Retriever is an outdoor apparel company, we partnered with a fly-fishing focused Instagram account that had over 100k removed link In exchange for a post that featured our brand's apparel and link to website, we sent them a few free shirts and removed link For large companies with massive spending budgets, they often partner with Instagram users with even more followers and offer them monetary compensation in exchange for their removed link  

As, I said before, I think these types of partnerships between brands and social media blogs are only going to continue to grow in the future!

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16/09/2018 6:27 pm  

The best idea is prepare own website with tons of texts, best adverts or affiliates links to products. Next the best will be use social media to promote your website. But the most important is prepare very good articles!


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23/09/2018 5:03 pm  

I agree with you, Instagram is great for branding! You're on the right track as far as partnering with influencers goes. That has proved to be excellent for business startups!