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Blogging is a lot of fun, but eventually it would be nice to get paid for your time. We will be adding a number of new opportunities so be sure to visit regularly.

Share A Sale

Join Share A Sale
Share A Sale allows you to promote 3,900 merchants.

One of the easiest affiliate programs to join is ShareASale. The signup form is easy, the approval is quick and once you are a member you can include links, images and videos from companies in fashion, technology, services, food, and automotive. If you have a passion and an audience, it is easy to generate additional income with this program. Best of all, it is free. Best of all, you will find products you already use and can recommend to your blogging audience AND get paid! For additional information on ShareASale and a sign up link, go here.


EBates makes dollars
Click here for $10 off your first $25 purchase.

Earning rebates just can’t be easier. Simply sign up, add the extension to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers and shop as you normally would. When EBates detects a cash incentive offer on the page you are visiting, the app will notify you that you are eligible and tell you how much you would get as a cash rebate. You will be surprised at you money you can make on things you buy regularly. With this link not only will you get a EBates, but also $10 back on your first $25 in purchases (you have 90 days). That’s like getting 50% off your first purchase of $25 and you don’t have to do anything but accept the money. Click here to Sign up for EBates.



Get Tailwindapp
Sign up and get the most powerful blog traffic generator available.

A blog without traffic is like a jungle without water, in a short time it becomes a desert. Feed your blog high volume, quality traffic from Pinterest or Instagram. The number one tool for organizing, scheduling and managing Pinterest/Instagram resources is TrailwindApp. Users have reported blog traffic increasing as much as ten fold after implementing recommendations and best practices. TailwindApp is also a source for traffic collaboration through tribes. Join a tribe in your favorite subject and work with others to increase traffic to all member’s sites. Tailwind document, user interface, training and videos make this site easy to use for even the newest blogger.

Sign up by clicking here.



Some or all of the links above may compensate us for referring you. This is one way we can operate this blog and provie excellent services. In all cases, this does not change your cost and the above programs are free so you are already a winner. Please participate in the above programs to provide ongoing support