What are some Pinte...

What are some Pinterest tips?  


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October 15, 2018 11:28 pm  

What do you pin?

How often do you pin?

Are there ways to make money?

Tell us your Pinterest account so we can follow it.

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October 22, 2018 2:46 pm  

My pinterest is Kiva Orb. I mainly create some boards based superheros, such as DC and Marvel, a bit of tokusatsu, and some of my favorite shows or ideas for sketches.


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January 6, 2021 4:00 am  

I am filled with pride when I think about what you have achieved in such a short period of time. While some people will devote their lives to achieving your level of success, this is just one step for you. Congratulations on this success. Can't wait to meet you upstairs!

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