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October 6, 2018 11:40 am  

Hey Everyone,

My name is Erika, and I am a Illinois native and recent graduate from Roosevelt University. My blogging journey actually started many moons ago. I used to manage the fashion  column  on our family blog. It was literally the Shaderoom before the Shaderoom even existed! Eventually we laid that blog to rest and from there I went on to create my own beauty and lifestyle blog, that now operates solely on YouTube. The inspiration from my own personal blog actually came from a bizarre rash outbreak that took over my entire body. It was horrific, and triggered an eczema condition that I still have to live with to this day. I wanted to share my story and hopefully help other people to find healthy and natural ways to manage their own eczema.

I am truly happy that I decided to start blogging and putting myself out there. It woke up my inner creative, and I hope to become a successful content creator. Scratch that, I WILL become a successful content creator one day. Outside of my standard 9-5 job, I help everyday people manage their social media platforms and repurpose content. It is a process, but there is nothing wrong with a slow grind. 

Ok, that was a quick rundown on how my blogging journey started! That's for reading folks. 😇

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October 11, 2018 3:18 pm  

Ugh, eczema is the absolute WORST!!

I'm happy that you are taking such an unfortunate situation and using it to help others and creating a successful life for yourself!

I would be interested in seeing your YouTube page and maybe a blog/website! 🙂


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